How To Make The Winter Comfortable For Dogs

When it comes to preparing for your dog’s warmth and coziness, you know what’s best as a pet parent.

But you cannot keep your pet locked indoors throughout winters – Isn’t it?

Whether in India or the USA, based on the dog breed and age, you can determine the kind of care they need in winters. Additionally, you need to consider their height and thickness of fur too. Larger, young dog breeds with a thick coat can handle severe weather changes far better than others.

Tips to make winter comfortable for dog breeds in India & the U.S.

1. Provide a Heated-Protected Area

Equip the dog house with heaters or non-hazardous lamps. You can also provide a heated mat or insulate it with newspapers, foam, or housing insulation. If your dog has access to a shed or building, use a garage heater to keep the area warm.

2. Make the ‘lay-in’ Area Comfortable

Layer the floor with straw, cedar, and pine shaving to make your dog’s lay-in area comfortable. You can add old blankets or a dog bed for it too.

3. Consider a Dog Sweater or a Dog Coat

Consider using a dog sweater or a dog coat for dog breeds that are smaller in size or have a thin fur coating and aging to keep them warm. While taking your pet on a walk, add an extra layer of warmth depending upon the severity of weather conditions outside.

4. Protect Their Feet

Even if your dog is a breed with extra fur on their feet, they need protection, especially in the snow. Provide a foot covering to avoid frostbite and trim the hair on top of their feet and in-between toes regularly.

5. Heated Water Bucket

Winter can be extremely dehydrating, not just for humans but for dogs too. So, keep a heated water bucket to keep your dog from drinking chilled water.

For more information on how to take care of your dog during winters, comment on your questions below.

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